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 Ft istorija, patarimai ir kt 
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Užsiregistravo: 2010-09-01, 7:37 pm
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Standartinė Ft istorija, patarimai ir kt
Nuotraukų rinkinukas vienų iš pirmųjų field target varžybų.

staripsniai-patarimai rusų k. (vertimas iš anglų) ... ttach=7776 ... tach=14056

paimta iš

Aš jau nebe toks jaunas, kad viską žinočiau....

2012-11-02, 12:51 pm

Užsiregistravo: 2011-03-16, 7:23 pm
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Standartinė Re: Ft istorija, patarimai ir kt
radau pas rusus is operos "сугробный фт" aiksteles sudetingumo ivertinimas pagal Brad Troyer

Field Target Course Difficulty Rating System

by Brad Troyer (revised 2005)

Years ago, I developed a simple method for estimating the difficulty of the courses I was designing. It gave me an idea of how easy or hard the individual target and overall course would be for an upcoming match. When I first developed the rating system, I played with some factors and equations until I settled on using the distance (in yards) divided by the kill zone size to give a difficulty rating for each target. For example, a ½” kill zone Squirrel placed in a tree at 21 yards would have a difficulty rating of 42 while a 1” skunk at 32 would be rated at 32. Once the individual difficulty rating for each target is known the overall course rating can be determined be averaging all the individual target difficulty ratings.

After a few years of using the system and input from other users, the following difficulty rating charts were developed. The chart on the left relates the difficulty factor to a degree of hardness for individual targets while the chart on the right does the same of the overall course difficulty. Two charts were developed since there can be different factors involved when figuring the overall course difficulty. A single target with a DF of 37 is considered Hard, but if you string a whole bunch of them together on a course then there are fatigue and concentration factors that come into play during the match which puts the course on the Expert level.
Individual Target Overall Course
Difficulty Ratings Difficulty Ratings
Rating Yards Rating Yards
Easy 0 to <20 Easy 0 to <25
Moderate 20 to <30 Moderate 25 to <30
Hard 30 to <40 Hard 30 to <36
Expert 40 and up Expert 36 and up

As others used the system it was pointed out that some another factor needed to be added to the system for shots that were more difficult than others like standing, kneeling or extra windy shots. So a difficulty factor was added to the equation making the difficulty rating equation. If there are multiple difficulties for a target, these are multiplied together; for instance, if the target is standing and windy, the factor would be 1.75 X 1.25 or 2.2 (approximately).

Difficulty Rating = (Distance / Kill Zone Size) * Difficulty Factor

With a bit of testing and tweaking of the difficulty factors, the following difficulty factors have been developed:
Type of Shot Difficulty Factor
Standing 1.75
Kneeling 1.5
Windy 1.25
Extreme Up or Down 1.25
Extreme Light or Dark 1.25
Shots past 45 yards 1.125

This system has worked really well for accurate course planning and it allows for better comparisons between matches from different venues. The system can be teamed up with a spreadsheet program to facilitate match planning. I would encourage all clubs to use the rating system when planning their courses and report the course difficulty in their write-ups. An Excel spreadsheet to simplify the calculations can be found here. That will allow the rest of the Field Target community to more accurately compare match results. If there are any questions about the difficulty rating system, please feel free to contact me about it.

Page Last updated 09/06/2010 18:47:28

2012-12-16, 8:58 pm

Užsiregistravo: 2010-09-01, 7:37 pm
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Standartinė Re: Ft istorija, patarimai ir kt

Aš jau nebe toks jaunas, kad viską žinočiau....

2014-12-23, 4:06 pm
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